I am concerned that I will leave my family with an inheritance tax bill to pay. Is there anything I can do to reduce it?

Fortunately, it is possible to reduce or even eliminate this largely voluntary tax using legitimate tax planning strategies. Strategies for reducing inheritance tax, include the following:

  • Making the most of the various allowances that allow you to give away certain amounts tax-free
  • Reducing your capital while maintaining your income
  • Using trusts to remove money from your estate
  • Making investments that are exempt from inheritance tax
  • Funding long-term care and reducing the value of your estate
  • Giving away surplus income
  • Taking out insurance to pay for inheritance tax
  • Leaving money to charities.

Our IFAs take into account the amount of income you need now and are likely to need in the future, the type and value of your various assets, such as your home, other property, investments, savings, business interests, life insurance policies, etc, and your wishes as to who should benefit from your wealth.

Working with you and your tax adviser we agree a course of action and then ensure that the various arrangements are set up correctly. We can work directly with your solicitor to ensure that your Will is drafted in a way that reflects your wishes and the arrangements we are making on your behalf, and, for example, if trusts need to be set up.

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