27 June 2017

by Brendan Sharkey

The construction and housing industry: forever plagued by leadership and policy changes

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26 June 2017

by Chris Blundell

Corporate tax relief for employee share option awards – a surprising case

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23 June 2017

by Steve Freeman

This year's Queen's Speech comes in the wake of Brexit fears, which are playing a key part in...

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22 June 2017

by Alex Chrysaphiades

Queen’s speech leaves many questions over affordable housing

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20 June 2017

by MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Land, of any sort, is difficult to value. As accountants we are often required to value assets...

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17 June 2017

by MHA MacIntyre Hudson

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018 and businesses holding...

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14 June 2017

by MHA MacIntyre Hudson

If Trump’s plan is a success, the UK could be shaken hard over the next few years

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09 June 2017

by James Gransby

Despite the UK general practice narrative of working at scale through super partnerships, practice..

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06 June 2017

by Glyn Edwards

In a case which is being closely followed by the Motor Finance sector, the Advocate General to...

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