2018/19 MHA Manufacturing and Engineering Survey Report

Read the findings from our latest survey on the Manufacturing and Engineering sector.

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2018/19 MHA Manufacturing and Engineering Survey Report

Read the findings from our latest survey on the Manufacturing and Engineering sector.

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Manufacturing & Engineering

MHA MacIntyre Hudson is a centre for excellence when it comes to advising businesses in the manufacturing and engineering sector. Our proactive approach to helping businesses prosper includes guiding your business from start-up, through to growth strategies and surviving a challenging economy. This is complemented by our national and international credentials, meaning we are well-positioned to advise our clients on a diverse range of industry-related areas - from accounting and audit to more specialist areas around tax, including R&D tax relief, capital reliefs and Patent Box and international tax.

But what makes us different? We think it’s the passion we have for the sector, and our words are more than matched by our actions. For many years, we have facilitated manufacturing and engineering forums, events and seminars, helping businesses in the sector to share best practice and network with each other. Our MHA Manufacturing & Engineering Survey is now in its fifth year and is a go-to report when it comes to understanding the sector, its opportunities and challenges.

Our involvement with the sector is extensive and our strong links with several associations - including MAS, UKTI, IMechE, Cranfield Centre of Innovative Manufacturing and other stakeholders such as LEPs and banks - means that we can advise on funding, grants and training opportunities.

As the UK member of Baker Tilly International, we can provide joined-up advice and thinking wherever you operate; BTI has advisers in more than 130 countries worldwide.

How we can support manufacturing accounting

We act for a range of clients in the sector, ranging from SMEs to multinational companies. We build strong relationships with our clients, and though partner-led, we take a team approach to problem solving. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure our advice is proactive, innovative and timely, enabling your business to move forward.

Our manufacturing and engineering business experts can support with:

  • Tax planning and corporate restructuring
  • Understanding and claiming R&D tax credits
  • Understanding and profiting from the Patent Box scheme
  • Helping find routes to finance through our large network of bankers, invoice financiers, and grant-makers
  • Developing an export strategy
  • Minimising risk from pricing and supply fluctuations
  • Optimising stock control
  • Making important investment decisions
  • Planning for mergers and acquisitions, or for disposals
  • Corporate finance advice, including strategic acquisitions
  • Managing cash flow through interest and exchange rate fluctuation
  • Helping you trade abroad through our network of global associates as members of Baker Tilly International
  • Providing access to our useful network of other specialist professional advisers

Get in touch to discover how we can help your manufacturing and engineering firm to grow.

Key contact

Head of Manufacturing & Engineering, Partner
Atul Kariya
+44 (0)1234 268761
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