Governments post-Brexit digital strategy aims to ensure ‘nobody is left behind’

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Governments post-Brexit digital strategy aims to ensure ‘nobody is left behind’

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The growth of a tech firm is unlike anything else, and we’ve seen it all as a partner to the UK tech sector. We’re agile enough to support early in the lifecycle while offering scale as the business accelerates through to growth. We understand each tech company is different, with individual needs and growth strategies; we work as a partner to support those ambitions. 

The UK tech sector has seen years of sustained growth; it’s been the stand-out performer over the last decade. Key to this growth has been the sector’s innovation, adaptability and business confidence. Having grown by a third since 2010 - double the rate of all other private sectors in the UK, and with various clusters popping up all over the country - there’s no doubting the UK tech scene is a varied and robust one.

Which means you need good advice to help you match the sector’s fluctuating demands – especially in a post-EU world. 

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How our technology business advisers can help you grow

Adopting a sector-led approach, our specialist tech sector team are on hand to navigate the unique challenges our clients face. We understand each client’s individual needs and growth strategies, and we support those ambitions with strategic advice and accounting services.

Because tech firms can gain traction early in their lifecycle, we understand that we need to be agile enough to support them early on, but also be able to scale as the business accelerates through to growth. As a member of Baker Tilly International, we bring global links with tech clients throughout the world. This scalability enables both a full ‘cradle to grave’ business service, and a lower cost-base that suits our SME and mid-market clients.

We are agile accountants who grow with your business. Issues we commonly advise on for technology clients include:

  • Relatively complex revenue recognition
  • Protection and recognition of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Maximising the return on human capital through incentivising and retention ideas
  • Managing the risks associated with cross-border trading 
  • Controlling access to markets
  • Obtaining relevant and sufficient finance
  •  Attracting and securing investment

This means we cover a varied mix of businesses within our group. From software and IT services to pharmaceutical and hi-tech manufacturing, our experts are on hand to provide assistance and help you to grow.

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